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Property For Sale Uk

The Property For Sale UK scheme is a policy in the United Kingdom which gives secure tenants of councils and some housing associations the legal right to buy, at a large discount, the home they are living in. There is also a  Property For Sale UK for assured tenants of housing association homes built with public subsidy after 1997, at a smaller discount. About 1.5m million homes in the UK have been sold in this manner since 1980. Critics claim that this compounded a housing shortage for those of low income,Property For Sale UK initiated a national house price bubble, and what is commonly recognised as the displacement and social cleansing of traditional communities.[1] Supporters claim that the programme gave millions of households a tangible asset, secured their families finances and by releasing cash to repay Local Authority loans, helped improve the public finances. As the homes sold were already occupied, there could be no net loss of “stock” as they were not available to other households to take over.Property For Sale UK

Horses For Sale Scotland

Horses For Sale Scotland is the oldest equestrian weekly magazine of the United Kingdom.[2] Its first edition was published in 1884. It is also known by the nickname ‘Nag & Dog’. The magazine contains horse industry news, reports from equestrian events, veterinary advice about caring for horses, and horses for sale. Fox hunting has always been an important topic for the magazine, as are the sports ofeventing, dressage, show jumping, horse racing, showing, carriage driving and endurance riding.Horses For Sale Scotland  includes commentaries from top riders and trainers including event rider William Fox-Pitt, top eventing trainer Captain Mark Phillips, top show jumper William Funnell and Olympic dressage rider and trainer Carl Hester, among others. Its current Content Director is Sarah Jenkins, who replaced the magazine’s first female editor, Lucy Higginson, in July 2014.

Among the major annual equestrian events reported by Horse & Hound are Badminton Horse Trials, Burghley Horse Trials, TheHorse of the Year Show and the Olympia London International Horse Show.

The magazine is published by IPC Media (Inspire) (formerly Country & Leisure Media). The latest copy reaches shops every Thursday, while press day is Monday. The magazine’s headquarters are located in the Blue Fin Building (formerly Kings Reach Tower), in central London.Horses For Sale Scotland